20 Ways To Track A Tiger 

20 Ways To Track A Tiger is a new multi-sensory e-book experience immersed in a story about the survival of a wild Bengal tigress and her two cubs in the Indian jungle documented from a real wild tiger film expedition led by a woman explorer, filmmaker and author, Carol Amore.  It’s high tech and high touch.  Tiger videos, photo galleries, filmmaker notes, original music, tiger and jungle sound effects are all part of this discovery journey as one travels through each of these unique e-book’s interactive chapters. 

"Wildly authentic, incredibly intriguing TIGERS – Tracking A Legend has the visual and interactive magnetism to draw you into the tiger’s world to experience all its senses as the prime predator in the Indian jungle. Tigers are extremely endangered and we would be tragically diminished should they disappear.  Their legend lives on in this landmark exhibition." 

— Glenn Close, Noted Actress & Producer

"Inspiring and Awesome, 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book is a visual treasure of India’s Bengal tiger with interactive photo galleries, films, narrations and sound effects that tells the story of the survival of a dedicated tigress with her two spirited cubs. This action-oriented story will awaken your senses to travel to India and see how wild Royal Bengal tigers live and fuel your desire to protect them."

 India’s Ambassador Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay (Consul General of India in NYC) and now 2019 India's Secretary of  Consular, Passport, Visa and Overseas India Affairs in New Delphi

The Incredible India Campaign also endorses the award-winning TIGERS Exhibition and 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book.

Available Online $9.99