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Press Article January 2022 Year of the Tiger

by Jim Barnes, Editor,

The Jenkins Group

Contact us for Media-Press interviews to learn more about the award-winning and newly released 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book, the acclaimed TIGERS-Tracking a Legend film and the interactive TIGERS EXPERIENCE/Exhibition for science centers/museums around the world.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S TIGERS EXPERIENCE/EXHIBITION (5,000 sq. ft.) to meet the science center/museums specific learning engagement needs (Wild Tigers, Bio-Diversity, Asian Wildlife,Big Cats, etc.).

The TIGERS-Tracking a Legend feature film available for science center/museum theaters.  TIGERS & Asian wildlife Film Festival available.

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Media & Podcasts

Podcast 1:  

Interactive ZOOM TIGERS & TEAMWORK Simulation    


                                                                                         5 minutes

By Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Simulation Designer/Author, Leadership Development Consultant & TIGERS Filmmaker/Photographer

Develop your business team while working remotely or on-site

▲ Engage the entire team using dynamic ZOOM break-out experiences with professional facilitation to develop the team’s ability to influence change, manage differences and encourage innovation.


▲ Motivate teams to increase their communication with each other to achieve a higher level of cross-functional team collaboration and  positively impact their business results.

Podcast 2:  

The Making of 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book 


                                                                                                   5 minutes


                                                                                                5 minutes


By Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Filmmaker/Photographer, Explorer & Author


▲ Gain Filmmaker/Photographer "Behind the Scenes" insights into the wild tiger film expedition in India's Bandhavgarh's Tiger Reserve.


▲ 20 Ways To Track A Tiger is a new multi-sensory e-book experience immersed in a story about the survival of a wild Bengal tigress and her two cubs in the Indian jungle. Tiger videos, photo galleries, filmmaker notes, original music, tiger and jungle sound effects are all part of this discovery journey as one travels through each of these unique e-book's interactive chapters.


Podcast 3:  

The Making of TIGERS-Tracking a Legend Film 

                                                                                                     5 minutes

                                                                                                     5 minutes

By Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Filmmaker/Photographer, Explorer & Author


BEST Cinematography International Wildlife Film Festival- Feature film-documentary


TIGERS Tracking a Legend was filmed in India’s Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, this story traces the lives of a wild tigress named Bachhi and her two young cubs, Badi and Choti.   

As they grew, the cubs faced a variety of threats from cobras, pythons, sloth bears, leopards, and even other rogue tigers.  Bachhi’s cubs grew up, exhibiting very different personalities, using unique calls to communicate with their mother.

▲ In the surrounding forest, another drama unfolded: Charger, an old dominant male tiger, was challenged by his son Banda who wanted his own father's territorial dominance as the new rival.


▲ Experience how the on-location filming adventures included balancing film cameras on top an elephant and tripods 10 feet above the ground to track this wild tigress and her two cubs.    Long days, extreme heat temperatures and even poisonous snakes visiting  the filmmaker's jungle hides were part of the everyday jungle challenges.


Podcast 4: 

Wild Tiger Senses Tiger Quiz  


                                                                                 2 minutes

                                                                                 2 minutes



By Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Filmmaker/Photographer, Explorer & Author


▲ Have some fun to "Earn your Tiger Stripes" by seeing how many Tiger Quiz questions you can answer.  Key Questions will be asked and Carol will share the tiger facts.

Podcast 5: 

20 Ways To Save Wild Tigers 


                                                                                 10 minutes


By Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Filmmaker/Photographer, Explorer & Author


▲ Loss of wild tiger habitat in Asia and determined poachers continue to be the top challenges.  You can be a tiger conservationist no matter where you live!  Learn what it takes to protect wild tigers in Asia today and for future generations.  20 Ways To Save A Tiger, a chapter within the 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book, creates a keen awareness of what it takes for field conservation, tiger country forest officials, local villagers, eco-tourists to protect and save wild tigers.

Best current tiger facts are at

(3900 tigers remain in the wild)

Podcast 6:  

Leading Change 




by Carol J. Amore, Leadership Development- Business Executive Coach (To be released in February 2022)


▲ Leading Change - Global Crisis & Complexities is an e-book which contains a leadership self-assessment and development tool that inspires real change for the leader, team colleagues and customers.  The leader begins the self-assessment process by identifying a current high priority business challenge in which he or she is accountable to lead this change.


Some global change challenges might include pandemic safety, cyber business risks, global supply chain, technology transformation, financial risks, environmental sustainability, social media, etc..


▲ After the business challenge is identified, the business leader assesses their leadership capabilities by comparing their job skill importance to their skill effectiveness to address any gaps.  As part of a collaborative Action-Learning/Development Process the leader further networks with cross-functional peers to identify innovative solutions to the challenge. 

Podcast 7: 

TIGERS Wildlife Photo Safari

(Interactive Computer Game) 

                                                                        5 minutes


                                                                       5 minutes

By Carol J. Amore, Filmmaker/Photographer, Explorer, Author & Game Designer


▲ A Bengal tigress and her cubs are on a quest for survival in the Indian jungle with hungry and dangerous predators (leopards, wolves, pythons, cobras, etc.) in their territory. Game players have special cameras that can earn them on-screen points/rewards for capturing wildlife photos throughout the day and night in the life of the tigress and her cubs as they look out for an ambush at the waterhole, site predator rivals approaching the cubs' cave and identify the dangers of nighttime as the tigress hunts for prey to feed her cubs.  Authentic tiger and Indian wildlife HD video, sound effects and Indian music add to the excitement of this TIGERS-Wildlife Photo Safari interactive game.


▲ Keen eyes, steady hands and an action-oriented fearless approach can help game players frame the photo and score rewards for their game performance to advance to the next level where they will encounter more predators stalking the tigress and cubs as well as diverse images of wildlife in the Indian jungle. 

TIGERS & Teamwork Simulation
Partner with the Elephant Mahavats
Identify the Tracks of the Tiger
Identify the Tiger's Markings
Predict the Travels of the Tigress & Cubs
Identify Tiger Sounds
Tiger Growling
20 Ways to SAVE Wild Tigers
Listen for Wildlife Alarm Calls
Be Alert for the Tiger's Predators


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