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Engaging Corporate Events
ZOOM Off-Site 

Strategic Leadership in Action: TIGERS & TEAMWORK 

(Half or One Day Experience)

Immerse Yourself In a TIGERS Survival Simulation for Increased Leadership Engagement and Business Results:

  • Enhance strategic agility to lead in times of rapid change

  • Improve intact or cross-functional team communication

  • Inspire team innovation and leadership for continuous improvement

  • Optional activity: TIGERS-Tracking a legend Film Screening available (45 minutes)

Custom design your next organizational event/experience to build cross-functional team collaboration. 








Carol J. Amore, TIGERS Executive Producer, Filmmaker/Photographer, and Author developed this TIGERS simulation from her real-life experience in the Indian jungle and will facilitate this TIGERS & TEAMWORK Experience at client locations. 


Flexible Site Locations: Corporate Headquarters, Conference Centers, Science Centers, Natural History Museums, and Zoos are some potential locations for client groups.


Note: All participants receive the newly released 20 Ways To Track A Tiger e-book.

Engaging Corporate Events


"Strategic Leadership in Action creates an interactive immersion for global audiences to rapidly challenge their individual and team capabilities in how they handle ambiguous situations. They survive with keen insights on successful ways to shape and implement strategy; focus on innovations; lead complex decisions, and manage differences with customized linkages to on the job leadership applications consistent with the company’s values."

Julie Ellis, Retired Director, Leadership  Development, Pfizer Worldwide Talent & Organizational Capability


Leading Change

Global Crisis and Complexities e-book by Carol J. Amore

Leading Change is to be released on Amazon in Early 2022. The book will showcase Leading Change Assessment and Development tools accompanied by inspiring wildlife photography as well as narrations.

Download Leading Change Overview

Plan some TIGERS into your next Teamwork Event!

Photo & Film Adventures

20 Ways To Track a Tiger—Film/Photo Adventure 

Focus on inspirational can-do approach to life's experiences and adventures

(30-40 minutes photo/short video presentation followed by Q&A)


Tigers—From Film Expedition to Exhibition 

Presentation-Workshop Available

(One-hour presentation and/or half-day workshop)

About Carol J. Amore
Filmmaker/Photographer, Producer & Explorer

Discovery International has broadcast the award-winning TIGERS-Tracking a Legend HD Film throughout Asia to engage millions of viewers in countries where tigers live to help influence wild tiger conservation change. The Year of the Tiger 2022 will generate new media interest worldwide for this film and its story.


The Explorers Club in NYC, a world renowned professional society that encourages scientific exploration of land, sea, air and space, emphasizing the physical and biological sciences. awarded Carol J. Amore membership in 2003 related to her successful wild  Bengal Tigers film expedition and the field science discovery process over three years of on-site wild tiger observation.  The original documentation of HD tiger footage showing their up-close interactions between mother and cubs as well as their unique communication sound patterns. This TIGERS expedition was the foundation of TIGERS-Tracking a Legend film(45"& 60") as well as 20 Ways To Track A Tiger photo & e-book.


TIGERS Mountain at the Bronx Zoo(Wildlife Conservation Society)showcases her tigress and cub interactive HD footage.

Carol has also made many film/photo expeditions throughout Africa and the Arctic and is now producing new photo e-books to tell those wildlife stories.


"Carol Amore is a modern explorer.  Armed with nerve, insight and technology she has gone into the field and patiently tracked wild tigers to their lairs to capture their lives on film.  She herself is an inspiration and her work a gift."


                     -Milbry Polk, Board Member, The Explorer Club & Author of Award-                           winning Women of Discovery

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